Teach children how to present their thoughts and ideas to the world.

What is a SMALL talk?

SMALL talks are exciting presentations given by children which are filmed to share with the world. The talks are all planned, researched, written, filmed and edited by the children.

How does it work?

SMALL talks provide free planning and resources for teachers who want to educate their classes in the art of public speaking. The teachers then guide their pupils to create, film and edit their talks. When they are ready they are uploaded here for all to see! For more information read this guide.


It's hard to choose which SMALL talks to showcase here because they are all so awesome, but these are some recent presentations which we have taken a real shine to.

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Have you already downloaded the resources and created your SMALL talks? Then make sure you upload them for the world to see.

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About the resources

We have put a lot of time into preparing planning, resources, templates and guidance so you can get on with the exciting stuff. The planning talks you through creating SMALL talks from beginning to end. First your pupils will watch other talks and write their own success criteria, then they will write a plan of all the things they need to do to create their talks. After this they will research, write and rehearse. The final step is to film each others' talks and edit them ready to put up on this site!

Using the resources

SMALL talks was developed by a teacher in the UK for 9-11 year olds - this means the materials are most appropriate for this setting and ability level. As all our materials are released under a Creative Commons license, you can use, share and adapt them in any way you like to make them more suitable for your students.

The links below will take you to all the documents and resources you need. These are hosted in Google Drive, to download them simply click on 'File' and 'Download as'.